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June 2010



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Jun. 7th, 2010



"As You Die" MEP

+ Theme: Multifandom (you choose whatever you want to vid)
+ Write in a comment what part you want and what movie/TV-show you want to do (if you want a certain character or couple, write that as well). For TV-shows - also write what season!
+ All fandoms allowed
+ Make sure that you do not vid the same fandom as the vidder with the part before/after you
+ Pick just one part - if they do not fill up I will send out a message and ask if someone wants to pick another one as well. If you get two parts, you are allowed to use the same fandom IF the parts are not after one another!
+ You are allowed to keep a tag in one of the corners
+ Use any effects you want
+ Add 1 second of FOOTAGE after your part! That means one second without sound, otherwise it will just be a black space ;)
+ DO NOT download the part by converting this video! That way you might miss a little piece of the part and it will look weird when I put it together. Wait for me to send you the parts instead

1 -
2 - Okamiobidala (Curse of the Golden Flower)
3 - DragonofthePen (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
4 - R4Hever ()
5 -
6 -
7 - chocolatebunnie34 (Skins)
8 - lovingjackdawson (Misfits)
9 - theHowlingWolf (Lord of the Rings)
10 - veryval (LOST)
11 -
12 -
13 -
14 - FaithRivens (Doctor Who)
15 -
16 -
17 -

May. 9th, 2010

doctor who


Guide/Rules for Posting Projects!

Here are some guidelines/rules for posting a project :)

1, You make the video showing the parts and are also in charge of splitting the song into the parts and, if needed, pitch it (of course you can ask for help, but you are in charge of making it happen)
2, Send the finished video as a download-link to the one in charge of the YouTube-page
3, Remember to also send rules for your MEP, considering (for example)
---- Theme
---- Number of parts per vidder
---- Watermarks/tags (allowed, not allowed)
---- Use of effects (no effects, effects allowed, some effects allowed...)
---- Transition between parts (have you made the parts so that they overlap one another or does the vidder have to add some seconds in the end of the part?)
4, The one in charge of the YouTube-page will post the video along with the rules you have set up
5, You yourself are in charge of promoting the MEP on, for example, YouTube, Facebook, Livejournal and other sites. On both Facebook and Livejournal you can post your promotion in the group/community assigned for UnboundCreations
6, When someone asks for a certain part, you are in charge of responding to him/her (telling that person if she/he can have the part or not, or if she has to change her theme in order to get it etc.). The YouTube-boss can only write what parts you have granted people, not respond to the vidders herself
7, You decide yourself if the parts are sent out right after they have been claimed or if you want to wait until all parts have been filled up
8, You are in charge of putting the MEP together and then send it to the YouTube-boss
9, Remember to write who made which part in the description and, perhaps, also credit them in the end of the video!

1, You promote the story on Facebook, Livejournal and other sites by using the form below (once again - on Facebook and Livejournal you can post it in the group/community)
2, If you want to post a promotional video on the YouTube-account, you need to send it to the one in charge of YouTube. The video must contain the same information as what can be found in the form!
3, When you have the number of writers you wish for, you are in charge of writing the first chapter
4, Remember to have a system for BETA-reading! example - the one writing the chapter sends it to the writer in charge of the next chapter and he/she corrects it before it is posted
5, You can post the story yourself on Livejournal (prefered in this group then). If you want it posted on FanFiction.Net or Kapitel1.se*, contact thehowlingwolf on Livejournal or e-mail (if you have her adress)
6, You are the one to decide when the story is done, meaning you may either write the last chapter yourself or tell the next writer in line that she/he should give the story an ending
7, In the end of the story there should be a separate "chapter" listing the writers and what parts they wrote

[Story form]
Working title (not necessarily the title given in the end):
Type of story (original, fanfiction, crossover-fanfiction...):
Number of writers needed:
Story idea (what is the story about):
Rating (considering how much violence etc. that shall be allowed):

((in case of a FanFiction/Crossover-FanFiction))
Original Characters (are there any, are you in charge of them, has everyone got one of their own**):

* Kapitel1.se is a Swedish website hosted by a publishing company (in Sweden) where you can post your stories. English stories are allowed as well
** If everyone has a character of their own, the story can be seen as some sort of a roleplay where people write their own chapters from their character's point of view


"I See You" MEP (full!!)

(YouTube here)

Rules for this MEP:
- Theme is Crossover/AU-couples
- Write in a comment what part you want, what pairing you want to do, from what fandom(s) those two characters are and what your username on YouTube is
- All fandoms allowed
- Slash- and FemSlash-pairings are welcome as well as straight pairings
- Try not to use the same character as someone else, especially if she/he has the part before or after the one you pick! Otherwise, a character can be used by two different vidders, but AVOID THE SAME PAIRING!
- Pick just one part - if they do not fill up I will send out a message and ask if someone wants to pick another one as well. If you get two parts, you are allowed to use the same pairing IF the parts are not directly after one another
- You are allowed to keep a tag in one of the corners
- Use any effects you want
- The parts are overlapping one another and the transitions that will be used are showed in this video. So you do not need to add an empty space in the end of your part

1 - Okamiobidala (Empress/Sayuri - Curse of the Golden Flower/Memoirs of a Geisha)
2 - theHowlingWolf (Obi-Wan/Elizabeth - Star Wars/Pirates of the Caribbean)
3 - HopelessDevotionOx (Cordelia Chase/Damon Salvatore - Buffy/Vampire Diaries)
4 - FlyingToTheMoonz (Fredrik Wentworth/Jane Bingley - Persuasion/Pride & Prejudice)
5 - BrokenSoulAngel (Hermione/Aragorn - Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings)
6 - BlueSalad (Caspian/Jane - Narnia/Pride and Prejudice)
7 - TvMovieSparks88 (Ten/Brennan - Doctor Who/Bones)
8 - CrystalPumpk1n (Dean/Lois - Supernatural/Smallville)
9 - FaithRivens (Rose/Connor - Doctor Who/Primeval)
10 - rjllfan (Jess/Brooke - Gilmore Girls/One Tree Hill)
11 - DragonofthePen (Doctor/Neytiri - Doctor Who/Avatar)
12 - 777fallenangel777 (Jacob Black/Rogue - Twilight/X-Men)
13 - nekoyoukai66 (Sam/Castiel - Supernatural)
14 - heroestwdw (Arthur/Reinette - Merlin/Doctor Who)
15 - usedmisfit (Jacob Black/Amy Pond - Twilight/Doctor Who)